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For as low as ₱10,216 per month - own a Five Star Chicken branch and earn around ₱50,000 - ₱100,000 per month from one branch even after expenses! Powered by CFI Co-op.

  • Over 6,500+ branches worldwide.
  • Cheaper, yummy, Roasted and Fried Chicken meals with rice.
  • "Five Star ang Lasa. Presyo Pangmasa!". This is why FiveStar has been successful all over the world.
  • Modern Management System. Now in Cebu.

Too good to be true? Learn how CFI Community Co-Op - in partnership with Five Star Chicken- is empowering thousands of new Pinoy businessmen and women through low-interest, low-risk loans, below.

CFI's Loan Program for ANYONE and EVERYONE - Plug and Play Negosyo Program (2023)

CFI is offering Filipinos the chance to earn more income through low-risk community loans to everyone.

When approved by CFI's Community program, you receive (1) whole Five Star branch with all equipment and chicken stock included for the very low cost of ₱10,216/month.

Through our Easy-to-Use management system, we handle raw food sourcing, marketing and deliveries for you. Giving you less to worry about. We train you how to manage your new business from your phone or tablet.

Anyone from 18 - 59 years old is eligible to apply. CFI is commited to empowering you through this unprecedented program. Take advantage today!

Through the Five Star System - running a business has never been easier!

Easily track and manage orders, inventory and (2) employees from your phone or computer.

Only (2) Employees required. Easy management... We train your staff for you.

For a low cost of ₱10,216/month. Start earning a net income of ₱48,000- ₱58,000+/month... even after expenses!

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Why should you apply? We are here to help you every step of the way.

Through this new CFI program for Filipinos, starting a business has never been cheaper and more accesible.

CFI wants to empower Filipinos so that you can earn more.

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CFI Co-Op | Your financial partner since 1970...

Founded by Esperanza Fiel Garcia in 1970 - CFI is dedicated to empowering Filipinos by being a friendly financial partner, ensuring new livelihoods for every Pinoy through the lowest interest loans found in the Philippines.

Hence you paying only ₱10,216/month to run your business!

Five Star Chicken | Over 6,500+ branches worldwide, only now in Cebu!

In business since 1975, Five Star Chicken is a successful food chain with over 6,500+ branches worldwide!

Join the new wave. With Five Star's modern system, running a business has never been easier.

Apply today!

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Bisaya Jud. FiveStar's goal for the Visayas.

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